At Green Research we leverage decades of market research experience to uncover actionable insights and shape strategies for our clients.

Primary Research

We take a hypothesis-driven approach to our research, which enables us to avoid boil-the-ocean style market surveys and focus our analysis on the core issues facing clients. Depending on the questions we are exploring, we employ a variety of research tools including:

  • Executive interviews
  • Case studies
  • Executive surveys
  • Consumer surveys
  • Customer segmentations
  • Market analogs

We employ a range of analytical frameworks including

  • Industry analysis
  • Value chain analysis
  • Scenarios

Market Forecasting

A market forecast is the quantitative expression of a point of view about the market. As important as the numbers are, the thinking behind the forecast model is often more valuable to our clients.

Different markets lend themselves to different forecasting techniques, including:

  • Market analogs – Comparing future growth to historical development of broadly similar markets
  • Customers surveys – Surveying customers on their attitudes or intentions to buy
  • Scorecard analyses – Defining, weighting and scoring of the driving forces of a market
  • Historical trending – Projecting future growth based on historical growth rates
  • Base-year research – Analyzing the current activity level in a given market

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