What We Do

We provide best practices and benchmarking research to sustainability executives and market analysis to vendors of clean tech and sustainability products and services.

You can browse our research store and purchase high-quality research and data online, or you can commission a customized study to meet your individual needs. Some of our typical customized research engagements are described below.

Sustainability Goals Benchmarking

Green Research has studied hundreds of leading companies to understand how they set sustainability goals; how they manage to achieve those goals; and how they communicate about their goals to stakeholders. We published an influential study of the best practices and trends in managing and setting sustainability goals. And we have been recognized for a series of industry-specific goals benchmarking studies.

We can help your company review, assess and improve its process for setting and managing sustainability goals. Our sustainability goals benchmarking service provides:

  • A custom, competitive benchmarking of sustainability goals within your industry or across a competitive set you define
  • An analysis of the issues, areas, goals, targets and timelines addressed in your goals
  • An assessment of  your goal setting process compared to  best practices in your industry
  • Recommendations for how to better communicate your sustainability goals and progress toward them to your stakeholders

To learn more about our a custom goals benchmarking service project, please contact us today at info [ at ] greenresearch.com or 646-783-8337.

Custom Research, Analysis and Advice

Clients hire us for insight. Sometimes they look to us for answers. Sometimes it’s the questions we ask that are most helpful.

Our custom research is tailored to the individual needs of clients. Examples of what we do: uncover customer attitudes and behaviors; size a market and project where it’s going; analyze your competitive landscape and recommend strategies for differentiation.

Every project is different but here are some typical ones:

  • Market opportunity assessment – Understand your market’s needs and buying criteria and identify the highest value market segments; size markets
  • Product messaging – Analyze customer preferences and receptivity to various product and benefit messages and recommend the most effective messaging
  • New product/service launch – Ascertain what customers want and predict how they will adopt new products or services
  • Business development – Develop go-to-market strategies, and recommend partners who will strengthen your offerings
  • Competitive analysis – Profile competitive approaches to the marketplace, analyze the competitive landscape
  • White papers – research and analysis packaged for your customers and partners

To discuss a custom research project, please contact us today at info [ at ] greenresearch.com or 646-783-8337.

Syndicated Research

Unlike custom research, which is custom-designed to meet the needs of one specific client, syndicated research provides information and insight that is broadly useful to a market segment. Our syndicated research projects are self-sponsored, completely independent of any particular client, and are available for purchase by one and all. Syndicated research is a very cost effective way of obtaining premium information and analysis, because the costs are effectively shared by everyone who buys a copy of the study.

Please visit our research store for a list of our latest syndicated research reports. There you can read an overview of each report and purchase them for immediate online delivery.

Customer Communication

Some clients hire us to put together information for their clients. We write white papers based on our research and domain expertise; speak at internal or customer events; and present at client webinars.

To discuss your customer communication opportunity, please contact us today at info [ at ] greenresearch.com or 646-783-8337.

How We Do It

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