A Portrait of Sustainability Consulting in the Asia-Pacific Region

A Regional Difference in Industry and Technical Focus Among Consultants

New York City (April 20, 2012) – Green Research, the New York-based corporate sustainability research and advisory firm, today released an analysis of the sustainability consulting industry in the Asia-Pacific region. The analysis indicates that compared to sustainability consultants globally, consultants working in the Asia-Pacific region are more active in the construction, waste management and utility industries than their counterparts globally.

“Manufacturing is the sector that keeps sustainability consultants busiest around the world,” said David Schatsky, principal analyst at Green Research and author of the report. “But we see do see some regional differences in focus.”

Forty-three percent of sustainability consultants in the Asia-Pacific region have recently worked in the construction industry, compared to 33 percent globally. In utilities and waste management industries the figures are 33 and 31 percent compared to 23 and 21 percent among consultants globally.

The analysis, based on a proprietary global survey of sustainability consultants that drew 1,548 responses from six continents and 69 countries, focuses on responses from 108 consultants working in the Asia-Pacific region. Partners including Eco-Business.com and the International Society of Sustainability Professionals assisted in promoting the survey to respondents in this region.

This new analysis reveals that sustainability consultants in the Asia-Pacific region have much in common with their counterparts globally. Educational and professional backgrounds are similar, for instance, and the data shows that consultants around the world are generally optimistic about their business prospects despite a common top challenge: most consultants say prospective clients often lack adequate budgets.

The report reveals some differences apart from the types of industries hiring consultants. A significantly greater percentage of Asia-Pacific consultants are involved in technical projects such as carbon accounting and life cycle assessment compared to their counterparts globally.

The research is now available for free download at greenresearch.com. For more information, please contact David Schatsky at +1 646-783-8337 or info@greenresearch.com.

Contact: David Schatsky | info@greenresearch.com |+1 646-783-8337



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