Free Whitepaper on Corporate Ecosystem Services Strategies

Ecosystem services, loosely speaking, are the benefits we derive from the natural systems around us. Many corporations depend on one or more ecosystem services. If you put a price tag on them, they are worth trillions of dollars annually. Yet many services are in jeopardy of being disrupted by economic activity. This is creating risks and opportunities for business.

Companies need to understand the relationship between ecosystem services and their own strategies and begin to develop plans to mitigate risk and seize opportunity. To help companies respond, today we released a white paper on this topic. Authored by ecosystem services expert David Meyers, the paper provides a framework to help corporations begin to develop an ecosystem services action plan.

A key finding of the white paper is that, while ecosystem services present important risks, an excessive focus on risks may leave opportunities unexplored. Taking a broad perspective and engaging the right stakeholders early can help surface opportunities for long-term strategic advantage.

Register here to download a free copy of the white paper and let us know what you think.


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