The First Tool for Benchmarking Corporate Environmental Sustainability Goals

New York City (July 26, 2011) – Green Research, a New York-based corporate sustainability research and advisory firm, today introduced the first tool for benchmarking corporate environmental sustainability goals. “Goals signal intent and drive behavior,” said David Schatsky, principal analyst and founder of Green Research. “Our new benchmarking research helps corporate sustainability leaders see at a glance how competitors and market leaders are positioned.”

Corporations are beginning to compete on the strength of their commitments to environmental sustainability. Till now, though, they have lacked tools to help them benchmark their environmental aspirations against competitors.

Green Research has inaugurated the new benchmarking tool by publishing a series of reports focusing on key industries with global scope. The first reports cover the computer industry, the food processing industry, telecommunications and banking. Industry leaders, such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Dell; Nestlé, Kraft Foods and Danone; and AT&T, BT Group and Vodaphone; Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Deutsche Bank, are profiled and analyzed. New industry-specific research is being added every week.

The companies selected for study are among the top firms on the Forbes Global 2000 list of biggest public companies. Their public communications are scoured for mention of public sustainability goals. These are then analyzed, classified and aggregated enabling insights at a glance. For instance, research about the computer industry found that computer makers have an average of 14 public sustainability goals each, about half of which are focused on product and packaging. Other industries have very different profiles in terms of number of public goals and the balance of issues the goals are intended to tackle.

The benchmarking tool enables goals to be segmented by whether they are quantitative or qualitative; forward-looking or focused on the current year; and the core sustainability issues they are tackling. Green Research found that among sustainability-focused companies, goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are nearly universal, while goals tackling water, waste or recycling are more likely found at companies with more sophisticated measurement and reporting systems.

The sustainability goals benchmarking research is available online at To learn more about the research, please visit or contact David Schatsky at 646-783-8337 or

David Schatsky


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