Finding Incentives for Renewables and Energy Efficiency

Government incentives remain crucial for supporting investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency in the U.S. But a welter of state, local and utility-specific incentives on top of federal programs make it a full-time job to keep up with what incentives might be available.

Fortunately, the North Carolina Solar Center at North Carolina state University is doing that job. They track and maintain information on incentives at the state and local level and publish a lot of that information at I’ve written about this resource in the past. I just wanted to highlight it again today.

DSIRE has a wealth of data that some companies are already integrating with their internal tools. I prepared this chart just to illustrate how the data makes it possible to home in on opportunities easily, saving lots of research. The chart shows the states with the greatest number of energy efficiency incentives in effect.

On the DSIRE site itself, you can click on a state or incentive type and get the list of specific incentives.

Take a look.


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