New Research on Life Cycle Assessment

Today we published our new study on the rise of life cycle assessment in corporate sustainability. Here’s brief abstract.

Life Cycle Assessment: A Guide for Sustainability and Strategy Executives
Published: May 12, 2011
Pages: 37, figures: 22
Leading companies see environmental sustainability not only as an issue of corporate responsibility but as a matter of strategy and an arena of competition. After scoring easy sustainability wins, these companies seek to improve their game with tools that put their sustainability programs on a quantitative, scientific footing. Rising demands from customers and regulators for improved environmental performance and increased transparency are driving a surge in interest life cycle assessment (LCA) as a tool for continuous improvement and innovation and a way of improving environmental performance while avoiding burden shifting and unintended consequences. Green Research believes that aggressive use of life cycle assessment and life cycle thinking will become table stakes at leading companies, and those that aspire to lead, over the next two to five years.

Read more or buy the report here.


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