Consumers Say Smart Meters Produce Modest Behavior Changes

Here’s a factoid about the impact of smart meters on consumer behavior.

There is ample evidence that consumers who have clear and current information about their energy usage tend to use energy more efficiently. But behavior changes tend to be modest, according to a recent survey we conducted of smart meter consumers (those with smart meters installed at their homes).

Question: How has your behavior as it relates to power usage changed since your smart meter was installed? (Please select all that apply.) Source: Green Research/e-Rewards Consumer Survey (8/10), n=1007 (US only)

In the survey, a majority said their behavior hadn’t changed much since their smart meter had been installed, while about a quarter cited some efforts to conserve energy more and to monitor their usage more frequently. About a quarter of respondents had had their smart meter for less than three months and another quarter had it installed between three and 6 months earlier. The survey data shows some increased tendency to engage in these behaviors among those who have had their smart meters longer, so there is a possibility that these conservation behaviors will tend to become more prevalent over time.

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