Fears of Higher Bills with Smart Meters Are Overblown

The vast majority of households with smart meters report no increase in electric bills following the installation of their smart meter, according to a new study we just completed. Eighty percent of U.S. smart meter consumers said their bills had either decreased or stayed the same or that they had not noticed any change post installation. Just 8 percent of consumer said their electric bills had increased a lot after a smart meter was installed in their home.

Utilities with smart meter deployment programs need to make hay of this finding, especially after the bruising that PG&E got over reports (eventually disproved) that their smart meters were ripping off customers .

Consumers’ number one concern about smart meters is that they may lead to higher bills. Utilities need to do a better job explaining how they work and how they will affect consumers bills over time.

Have you seen any examples of excellent utility communication? I’d like to hear about them for a study of utility messaging.


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