Branding Green Research

As my consulting practice has grown, I’ve decided to invest in developing the Green Research brand as the umbrella under which to work. Next step: creating a logo for Green Research.

Crowd Sourcing the Design Work

I decided to crowd source the logo design on crowdSPRING, an online community of designers. I was inspired to take this approach by Charlene Li, technology strategist and founder of consultancy Altimeter Group, who used this approach for Altimeter’s logo. (Charlene and I were nearly colleagues; she left Forrester Research to found Altimeter shortly before Forrester purchased my company, Jupiter Research.)

I recently posted a creative brief on crowdSPRING and quickly attracted many dozens of attractive designs from designers competing for my business. Now I have about a week to choose the winning design and, like Charlene, I would like to invite my readers to weigh in on what logo they think most effectively conveys Green Research brand attributes.

Feel free to browse the current options and vote for your favorites. There’s about a week left, so if you are interested, don’t delay. For more background, read on.

The Creative Brief

Here’s a summary of the creative brief I provided:

Green Research is a business advisory, strategy and market research consultancy. Industry focus areas include clean technology markets, alternative energy, corporate sustainability, Internet and information technology. The principal (me) is a seasoned executive with broad business experience across many industries and functions.

The mission of my research and advisory work is to provide clients with -insight- that guides action that produces positive, sustainable results. The results that interest me are not merely classic business goals like increasing market share, selling more toothpaste, or up-selling customers. To me, those are only interesting results if they can be accomplished without undue harm to people or the environment. And they are really interesting results if they embody sustainable business practices that spread prosperity.

Key brand attributes I would like the logo to convey:  current, tech-savvy, intelligent, analytical, quantitative, professional, solution-oriented.

No Leaves or Solar Panels

While I specialize in projects in those “green” areas, my work is not limited to those areas. A common denominator of my work is that my clients are technology intensive businesses. Over time this has included not only energy tech/clean tech but information tech, Internet and even medical technology. Consequently, I want a design that is compatible with and suggestive of the “green” area, but not exclusively so. Clients in the green space or with green aspirations should be able to relate to the connotation of environmental/clean tech/sustainability. But clients who are general business or technology companies should not be burdened by an association that does not apply to them. So: no trees, leaves, wind turbines, solar panels or other green clichés.

Vote Now

So I’d love it if you’d like to browse the candidate logos and cast your votes for the ones you prefer. There’s about a week left, so vote today!

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2 responses to “Branding Green Research

  1. David,
    I would also look at I have used crowdspring and brandstack and they are quite different.

    If you can find something you like on brandspring, you write a check and own it. Crowdspring is cool and more bespoke, but the level of design is lower.

  2. Martin Nutty

    Congrats on the recent publication of your report. I like logo’s in this business area which indicate a circle. Circle = Closed Loop = Savings = Meaningfull Application of Green Concepts to business.

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